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Hills Secure Double Glazing

Here at Hills Secure Double Glazing we are proud to be Perth’s leading supplier and installer of secure double glazing systems for around homes and businesses across the metropolitan area and beyond. Our services include:-

Windows & Doors

A well executed door or window should accomplish two main objectives; keeping your home or business secure whilst improving the energy efficiency of your home. Here at Hills Secure Double Glazing we understand that a window isn’t just a window and a door isn’t just a door, but a point of potential wasted energy, with our double glazing solutions you can bring your home into the 21st century in style and comfort.

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Security Features

Here at Hills Secure Double Glazing we understand that maintaining the security of your home is a priority for all of our customers. All of our window and door solutions take this into account, where traditional windows and doors can offer potential invaders a week point; our systems come with stainless steel multi-port locks as standard.

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Energy Efficiency

One of the key benefits of double glazed windows and doors are the energy efficient benefits they provide, reducing the cost of cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Our double glazed systems not only save you money but also reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your household. With a quarter of heat and cooling lost through windows, why not tackle the energy issue at the cause, ensure your home is ready for Perth’s next heat wave with Hills Secure Double Glazing.

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Glazing Options

As Perth’s leading expert in glazing solutions, here at Hills Secure Double Glazing we provide a comprehensive range of options to add increased security and privacy to your hone while reducing noise and excess energy consumption. With a wide variety of opaque, patterned and safety glass solutions Hills Secure Double Glazing has something to suit every application around the home.

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